Who We Are

Initially established in Tirana, Albania, iKons has expanded into Serbia, Kosovo, Malta, UK and the Spain. This network of offices allows the company to tap into the human resources of the Western Balkans area, thus greatly expanding the pool of potential programmers and IT consulting expertise, and enabling it to operate along the principles of an economy of scale.

iKons operates supported by a very flexible and qualified team of 70+ professional based in Albania, Kosovo and Serbia, working remotely for clients in Europe and the UK, thus serving as a reliable Competence Centre.

But it also has access to the services of over 60,000 freelancers, which means that the company is able to deliver any requested professional profiles within 24 hours, in case our partners demand direct sourcing. Through its staff and network of freelances, iKons has already built the capacity to deliver 30 contracts simultaneously.

With an eye to the future, iKons has also worked towards setting up its own Professional Academy which allows it to offer intensive training courses to young people who are then hired by the company. Furthermore, iKons and the Abkons group in general, has invested over the years in cultivating a relationship with a host of technical and professional universities in the Western Balkans in order to ensure a long terms term outreach of talent in the region.

Mission and Values

  • Mission

    Our mission is to deliver quality service and commitment with diligence and care our client and partners. Our mission envisages to include the highest values of our employees and business environment.

  • Vision

    We are determined to become an innovative leader of an elite group of IT consultancy firms in the Southeast Europe. Our aim is to be recognised as solid reference in the regional professional-services providers.

  • Values

    Our values are closely linked with the commitment to quality, diligence, problem-solving, transparency, accountability and integrity in our business.

``Building your success in an efficient way!``


iKons is an IT Engineering and Consulting company

SAP technologies, Business Intelligence, Web, Cloud & Mobile technologies are the main domains (but not limited to)
Supplies remote/outsourced Services and Solutions
Provides high-quality services at competitive costs
Sustainable hiring approach and training delivered by a dedicated VET Center and development of partnerships with local universities

Our Organization


Excellent knowledge and expertise:

iKons staff consists of young, motivated, ambitious and well-educated professionals, who come from diverse sectors and who bring along a broad local and international professional expertise. The team is comprised also of highly respected individuals, who possess a multiyear expertise.

Agile team:

We belive in the power of collaboration, collegiality and teamwork. In order to be most effective, we have quick and short decision-making processes, a flat organizational structure and an easy-going communication between all levels of employees, by establishing an open and approachable style.

Investing in talent:

We recruit and develop (people/individuals) with high educational profiles and extensive expertise. No company succeeds without new ideas and motivated employees. We are firmly investing in formation and capacity building through our partner the VET Center and joint projects with elite universities in the SEE region.