Main Services

Main Services

Software Development Outsourcing

We provide our clients with access to IT professionals who implement projects with high quality solutions that add value to businesses. We offer outsourcing …Read More

services of such professionals as: Developers, Consultants, Business Analysts and Project Managers. Thanks to our experience and market knowledge we enable our clients to gain real savings and guarantee the high quality of the services we deliver.

Software product & solutions development

Our mission is to deliver high quality software development services with integrity, honesty and transparency with reasonable margins, while maintaining profitability…Read More

Our software product development services are designed to accelerate product development and bring business agility. We make powerful, exceptional, reliable and working software

Support & maintenance

Minimize production downtime or slowdown with our range of support services, designed to manage your company’s needs from diagnosis to correction. Our highly trained product experts can work directly with…Read More

your teams and classify your related problems to assess your needs.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Planning and Management

All our management teams consist of higly skilled and experienced professional managers. Steady success during last 10 years proved…Read More

us right and so we have consistently expanded our portfolio and explored new services since 2007.Since then we have been building on our well-founded and continuously developed management skills and experience.We are consciousthat outsourced IT projectsare multifaceted– they consist of complex interdependent tasks. Therefore, in any assignment we are very diligent in creating a work breakdown structure, allocate the required effort and time estimation.we continuously review progress and manage client expectation with the aim to minimise any uncertainty.

Development and Innovation

We thoroughly examine each client’s case and depending on the project needs, we engage developers afterwards. We measure, analyse…Read More

monitor and improve outcomes continuously by learning new trends and new techniques in a fast changing world, in order to offer the best results in the market.

Talent Acquisition and Formation

Finding and hiring quality talent has never been more critical. Competition, economic uncertainty, and high costs mean that we’ve got to …Read More

make sure we recruit the right people for our success. We are aware that recruiting is no longer a static event and we believe that it is about ongoing communication with people who possess a given set of skills. Managing relationships with candidates, interns, staff  aims to deliver a good experience. For us this is a critical approach in identifying, developing, and sustaining long-term relationships with candidates and existing employees.

Diligence , Quality and Assurance and Testing

An important step is to program and completely test your software application using industry standard development tools, automated testing…Read More

and an automated build process. Using the automated build processes, we can ensure product quality, ensure the quality of the software by running tests, detect coding issues and enforce certain development rules prior to deployment.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages

  • High Quality in terms of accuracy and timing – full control on output
  • Very competitive and tailored rates according to your budget and needs – as compared to other Outsourced companies in CEE
  • We offer a trial period for our services – we work alongside your functional team for 1-2 weeks without financial engagement
  •  We are the nearest-shore company – can support and make ourself available in real time
  • Provide on-site software developers – so you get to know them personally.

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Our Team

Our team consists of  software developers, quality assurance specialists, IT recruiters, Business Development Experts, Management consultants and marketing professionals.

Excellent knowledge and expertise: Ikons staff consists of young , motived , ambitious and well-educated professionals who come from diverse sectors and who bring with them a broad local and international professionals expertise.The team is comprised also of highly respected individuals who possess multiyear expertise. Agile team: We belive in the power of collaboration, collegiality and teamwork and we have an open,approachable style.In order to be most effective we have quick and short decision making processes, a flat organizationals structure and an easy going communication between all levels of employees. Investing in talent: We recruit and develop the best people with high educational profiles and extensive expertise. No company succeeds without new ideas and motivated employees. We are firmly investing in formation and capacity building through partenr VET academy and joint projects with best Universities in the SEE region